Book Review-How To Love Your Crazy Family


Just finished a wonderful read, How to Love Your Crazy Family by Angela Howard. You may say, how does Angela know my family? O.k., maybe that’s what I thought.

First of all, let me say that if you live, breathe and interact with other human beings, you will benefit from this book. If you desire to be a better, wife, husband, sister, brother, father, mother, man, woman, friend, this book is for you!  This author has a wonderful way of identifying with you as a reader and disarming your ability to have any defensiveness as she sweetly pummels you with a truth that is undeniable. (A couple of times in the book, I thought perhaps she had somehow obtained a copy of my journal?  I’m still looking into that!)

This is not a book that preaches at you a list of should’s and should not’s.  Angela gets down in the trenches of life, exposes her own, how shall I say it?  Less desirable qualities?  Warts?  Personality glitches?  Well, however, you say it, I can completely identify with someone who doesn’t have it all together.  How about you?

Her practical take aways, spiritual truths and thoughtful questions will cause you to take account of your life, to consider your ways and ultimately and most importantly take action.  I have to tell you that I got something from each and every chapter, but the thought that I have not been able to shake since I’ve finished this read is this…Have I made God a real part of my dailiness?  Is dailiness even a word?

It’s the dailiness that makes up most of our lives so isn’t that where we desperately need Him?  Of course, we cry out to Him in the midst of a crisis and if you’ve ever listened to an acceptance speech at any awards show, many remember Him when things are great.  What about right in the middle of the daily grind?  In the midst of the work day, the errands, the appointments, the same old same-o.  Is He there?  This book has reminded me that He wants to be.  All I have to do is step back and invite Him along.  There are no ordinary moments when an extraordinary God is involved.

Angela’s book and the heart in which she writes will challenge and encourage you to invite God into the dailiness of your life, into the nitty-gritty of your relationships with those who see the real you.  I’m still not quite sure which crazy family this book was intended for, but I am sure that God loves yours and mine and wants us to love them too.


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One thought on “Book Review-How To Love Your Crazy Family

  1. Hi honey.  Do you know if Mom already has this book?  If she would enjoy it, I want to order it for her.  Thanks for the recommendation!  🙂

      Pat Hunter 103 Rocky Point Road Stites, ID 83552 208-926-4981 “Live simply, love generously, care deeply,

    speak kindly, and leave the rest to God.”     

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