My Tribute

I just wanted to “Take A Little Time” to honor one of my life long faves! “Through It All”, since I was a littlun’, Andrae Crouch has been where it’s at! He went home today and “I’ve Got Confidence” that he is “Where Jesus Is”. It “Takes Me Back” as I think of him and the countless hours I listened to his records growing up. I loved his playin’ and singin’! I prayed many a time that God would “zap” me with the piano skills He blessed Andrae with, I’m still waiting 🙂 I read one time that he wrote “The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power” at the age of 13 & didn’t think it was all that good! So, this is “My Tribute” to you Mr. Crouch, “Well Done”. “I’ll Be Thinking Of You” and “I’m Gonna Keep On Singin'”Until Jesus Comes” for me. “Let The Church Say Amen”!!

One thought on “My Tribute

  1. I love how you tied his songs into his tribute! His music and preaching has blessed so many. I pray God’s comfort and provision for his c0-pastor (sister) and church and family.

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