The Way He Came

Growing up, we always had beautiful packages under the tree.  My dad would spend hours, usually on Christmas Eve into the wee hours of Christmas morning, wrapping every gift, making the bows look just so.  I don’t think the man believes in gift bags!

While I enjoyed the beautiful wrapping and the effort my dad put into the pretty packages, the greatest gift I’ve ever received did not come in ornate wrapping.  The hands down, greatest gift I’ve ever received, was delivered in a dirty manger wrapped in rags.  The greatest gift of all time, in the plainest of wrapping.

The fact that He came is mind boggling to me.  The forethought and love demonstrated by God, that He saw you and me and knew we would need a Savior and went to such great lengths to make it happen.  It’s amazing!  He came which is such a gift, but the real kicker for me is the way He came!

The royalty of Heaven left His home to fulfill His Father’s plan.  Born in the middle of the night, in a little town, in a cave and placed in a bed of straw, wrapped up in rags.

I don’t know about you, but it’s probably not how I would’ve thought to make my entrance on the scene.  I probably would’ve picked something with a little more pomp and circumstance, ok a lot more 🙂  I’m here to save the world, let’s party kinda thing.

The way Jesus came speaks VOLUMES to me.  The way He came, shows me that He came to serve, He came in humility, He came motivated by love.  The way Jesus came reminds me that I should do the same.  Show up ready to serve, in humility and motivated by love.

It may not be flashy or feel glamorous but it will make an impact that lasts far beyond some fancy wrapping or a grand party.  So thankful for the Gift of Jesus and the way He came!  Merry Christmas!





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