That’s Saturday

Yesterday as those who follow Jesus we reflected on His great sacrifice for us on the cross.  We thought about what He endured willingly so that you and I could be free.  Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, we will celebrate His resurrection and victory over death and the grave!  The enemy is defeated and the victory is won!

But, today is Saturday and no one talks a whole lot about it, yet I think a lot of our time as humans on this earth is spent in Saturday.  We live in that in-between space.

We have a dream but taking the steps to see it realized, that’s Saturday.  We have a great loss and it takes however long it takes to be able to breathe again, that’s Saturday.  We are struggling and trying to hold on so we can get some victory in life, your labor, well, that’s Saturday.  You see, you and I, we know about Saturday.  When it seems like God is quiet and no one understands where we are at and what we are going through.  That’s Saturday.

I want to encourage you who find yourself right in the middle of Saturday.  God sees you, God hears you, He may be quiet but He is always working on your behalf!  Hold on my friend, Sunday is coming!!!

“But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.” – Romans 8:25



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