Gratitude List – My Top 10

Gratitude is not my natural disposition.  I sure wish it was!  But, often times I focus more on my have not’s than the many things I’ve been given.  Can any of my friends reading this relate?

Is it easy for you to focus on what you want and yet don’t have?  What you wish your circumstances were in comparison with what they are?  The seemingly unanswered prayer.  The broken relationship.  The health problem.  The lack of resource.  We can find it very easy to be consumed with what we lack instead of giving thanks for all that we have.

Gratitude is a choice, so if you like me, sometimes struggle with counting your many blessings then I double dog dare you to join me in thinking about what you are grateful for!

Below is my top 10 Gratitude list and I would love to hear what’s on yours!!

  1. I am grateful for God’s faithfulness in my life.  No matter what age, what season, what mood, what day or what circumstance, He never leaves.  He keeps showing up for me.
  2. I am grateful for my family.  God has blessed me with a wonderful family.  We are all imperfect and in process but we love and support one another in countless ways and I don’t want to ever take that blessing for granted!
  3. I am grateful for friends.  Those close ones who know me well and love me still.  What a gift!
  4. I am grateful for laughter.  It’s the best medicine!
  5. I am grateful for music.  It can make you feel all the feels.
  6. I am grateful for sunshine.  Mr. Golden Sun makes this girl happy 🙂
  7.  I am grateful that my feelings are not facts.  They are important indicators but they are not the final say and boy, that’s good news!
  8. I am grateful for water.  Ocean front, lake front, river front, I wanna be by the water!
  9. I am grateful for a good cup of coffee.  I am pretty sure heaven smells like it 🙂
  10. I am grateful for God’s grace.  Amazing, mind-bending grace that is lavished on me and without it I’d be absolutely sunk!

I am thankful for YOU too!  I pray your thanksgiving is filled with a heart of gratitude even when it’s a choice and the result of a double dog dare!  There is so much to be grateful for!






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