Top 10 Golden Nuggets From My Pastor

Today marks my pastor and friend’s last day as lead pastor at our church after 18 years of faithful leadership.  I have been blessed in my life to have some wonderful, godly pastors, who have taught me so much by both word and example, who have encouraged and challenged me, who have invited me into their homes and hearts, but today I want to share with all of you the Top 10 (cause there’s a whole lot more) golden nuggets I think of when I reflect on the gift of Pastor Leif Holmes to the Church and to me personally.

1. The fruit of the spirit evident in my life is more important than the gifts demonstrated through me.  Am I loving, joyful, peaceful, patient (uh oh), kind, good, faithful, gentle & self-controlled?  God always cares about my character more than my performance. Continue reading “Top 10 Golden Nuggets From My Pastor”

How I Learned What Faithfulness Looks Like

Grandma & GrandpaI went to church with some friends a couple of weeks ago and as I was heading home realized I would be passing by the church my grandma used to attend. I decided to steer my car towards grandma’s old stomping grounds and take a trip down memory lane and sure enough when I pulled up in front of the church so many thoughts and memories began to flood my mind.

I accompanied my grandma to church on a regular basis and spent a lot of time inside the church I was parked in front of and as I sat in front of that church I began to remember… Continue reading “How I Learned What Faithfulness Looks Like”