The Least Of These

My friend asked me a couple of days ago, if I’d accompany her to the Union Gospel Mission this weekend to help out.   I hesitantly said, “yes” and to be real about it, my heart is not prone to this kind of service.  It’s way outside of my comfort zone and a matter of fact it freaks me out a bit! But, because I love my friend, I agreed and off we went this morning, not knowing at all what I was about to get myself into or how far outside my box I would be required to step??

When we arrived and got the run down, we learned we’d be cooking, serving a warm breakfast and then those who came for a meal would have an opportunity to hear the Word of God.  So, I put my hands to work and got to cookin’.  I was in charge of baking some blueberry muffins and cooking the sausage 🙂  I thought to myself, this I can do! Continue reading “The Least Of These”