My New Year’s Prayer

Lord, I want 2015 to count! I am not satisfied with the status quo, I don’t want to settle for the temporal things this world can offer. I want to be who you want me to be and do what you want me to do. I pray that you would give me the courage I need to face every foe, the fortitude to press in and address that which you desire to change in me. I pray that as I face these things I would be reminded of your great love for me, that you are for me, that you came that I would have life to the fullest. Remind me when I grow weary that I can always trust your heart even when we I don’t see your hand. I want to be a willing pupil, quick to listen and obey! So, teach me Lord! Teach me how to be more like you, to feel the things you feel and love the way you love. Continue reading “My New Year’s Prayer”