This Is My God Song

Over the last few days I have had the joy of visiting my dear friend and hanging out with her and her family.  Today, her 6 year old daughter shared with me a song that she wrote after listening to someone speak about God’s love.  She went to her bedroom and wrote her first song, she calls it her “God Song”.  It goes, like this…

“God you love me on the inside and you love me on the outside and you love that I am prity on the inside or outside.  You do girate things for us becase we did good things to you.  You make peopil feel happy.  I have joy because you did all theas things.  You are the one Yes You are the one.  The one that makes things be the best.  Oh, you mad the birds that fly and the duks that qak and the firflys.  You made the sun and the stars.  You made the best thing yet.  You made God and You mad Jesus to.  Yes, You made the world.  This is my God Song.” – Mackenzie Anderson (Age 6)

How cool is that?!  I was so touched after reading this little one’s heart and her desire to express her love and thankfulness to the Lord.  Got me to thinking about my God Song. What are the lyrics?  Have I set time aside lately to express my heart to Him?  Have I sung a love song to Him today?   What about you?  How does your God song go?  When was the last time you shared your love and thankfulness with the God who loves you on the “inside and the outside” and does great things for you?  The days not over and I have to believe in our Heavenly Father’s eyes, when we share our hearts with Him, we like Kenzie are all lyrical geniuses!ImageImage

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