Somebody Special

Everyone has an appointed time and none of us knows when the day will be. Yesterday was that day for somebody very special. His last breath takes the breath away from so many that love him and will miss him so.

Each of us created unique, there is no other, you, me or he and the loss leaves a hole.  Life is no longer the same and hearts ache. In thinking about this dear man since hearing of his passing, I’ve been asking myself, “who now will make everyone feel like they are that special someone?” He did so with ease, with each exchange, you were his focus.  He was a hugger, he was a joker, a kidder, a tease.  He had time for people, he lived to make you smile, even better, laugh 🙂 He was never too busy for the exchange and no person was beneath him. He was accepting and cared about each person with a genuine warmth and depth.

His life challenges me to make others feel, how he made me and so many feel; loved and special.  You see he was indeed somebody special who made those around him feel like somebody special and friends that is something very special.

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