Some Call It Coffee, I Call It Love In A Cup

I’m a coffee lover, which comes naturally being from the Great Pacific Northwest.  Some may say I’m a “coffee snob” and I’m alright with that too.  The taste of a good cup of coffee, the smell,  like a bit of fresh ground heaven, aahhh…it’s good for my very soul 🙂  There, however, is more to my love of coffee than the mere pleasing of the senses.  I think it’s what happens during the enjoyment of the cup of brew that I truly love.  It’s the whole coffee experience if you will.

You see, while sipping on a cup of deliciousness, I have had some of the best conversations of my life.  Over java I have gotten to know others in deeper, more real ways.  Many tears and fits of laughter have occurred while conversing with a mug in my hand.  An extra hot skinny vanilla latte is the perfect company when it’s time to reflect on things that need some serious attention.  My friendly joe gives me the excuse needed to set time aside to focus, to breathe, to think, to talk and to just listen.  I will grind some fresh beans, brew a pot of goodness and an afternoon of catch up and conversation with my girl friends flies by.  A cup of ambition in my hands results in some great brainstorming sessions, where the ideas and dreams tend to easily percolate (pun intended).

Some may not understand my appreciation for a warm cup of liquid goodness, but my fellow coffee connoisseurs will understand when I say, you may call it coffee, but, I call it love in a cup ❤  And yes, I am writing this while sitting in a coffee shop!

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