God Knows I’m Not Superwoman

I’m thinking that if you are a human living here on earth, you have probably felt a bit overwhelmed with life a time or two?  That feeling where your body is done, but your feet haven’t crossed the finish line.  That feeling that is similar to banging your head against a wall, hoping for change to come and all you have is a headache.  When life is squeezing you from every side and you’re hoping for a break through NOT a break down!  Can anyone relate?  Please say, yes 🙂

I’m not sure how you respond, when life seems to be dealing a bad hand, but I know how I do.  I tend to become turtle like.  I tuck my head inside my shell, I withdraw, become quiet, isolate and hunker down for survival sake.  Others may choose an opposite route, they share their woes as often and freely as they have the opportunity, they’ll fb post it, tweet it, shout it from a mountain top, hoping the venting will help, hoping they might find someone who has the magic pill for what ails them.  I’m pretty sure, neither approach is optimal and I have felt God whispering to me lately about how I’m carrying the load.

God knows I’m not Superwoman.  He made me and is well acquainted with all my ways.  He has no expectation that I can pull everything off and power through.  A matter of fact, He wants to carry the load.  Now that doesn’t mean, He will go to my work place for me and I can stay in bed, hit snooze and call it a day.  He requires my participation.  I must be the one to invite Him along, to acknowledge His presence, to seek His guidance.  If I wait to do this until I’m a broke down mess and then call on Him, I’ve kinda missed the point!

Guess what?  I’ve been missing the point!  Truth be told, I am what “they” call a “hot mess” without Him.  Instead of throwing myself towards Him, my tendency is to stiffen my back and forge ahead.  Instead of pause and seek Him, I power through.  I focus on the task at hand, at solving the problem and I do so at the expense of my relationship with Him, until I’m so broken down that I am a pitiful heap and want Him to save me.  He, however, is the ultimate Super Man and he comes to my rescue time and again, BUT, what if I let Him take the lead daily, help shoulder the load, stayed real close so He doesn’t have to shout my name?

You see, I think God whispers to me, cause it means I have to come close to hear.  I have to lean in and listen.  Sure, He can shout, but why would I want to be that far away from the one my soul loves?  Here’s the other thing, He want’s us close, even when we’ve had a bad day, even when we make a big mess, even when we’re telling Him the same old sad story.  He just wants us, capeless and all!

Oh Lord, help me stay close, help me lean in, help me trust, help me through.  I am sorry for trusting in my own strength before looking your way.  I am sorry for looking for answers elsewhere before I’ve asked for your word on the matter.  Please forgive me & keep me close, I want to hear every whisper you speak.  Amen!

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