I promise I’m not trying to be a Grinch here, but as I look around, I’m not thinkin’ this Christmas thing is all it’s touted to be. It’s supposed to be holly and jolly, merry and bright, but from where I sit there are a good many around me who aren’t feeling a whole lot of Christmas cheer.

You see this is the thing I’ve noticed about Christmas, it amplifies the hurt and struggle we may feel on any given day by at least ten fold!

It may go something like this…

  • I can hardly make it from paycheck to paycheck and now I have to spend money I don’t have so I don’t disappoint those I love. #ChristmasPressure!
  • I live alone and there isn’t really anyone around to share Christmas traditions with, but I guess I should deck the halls anyway? #LonelyAtChristmas
  • My loved one is gone, I miss them desperately, I’m trying to breathe but feel like I’m drowning in grief. #ChristmasSorrow
  • I would love to share Christmas with family, but relations are shall we say, strained.  We’ll be spending another holiday apart.  #BrokenChristmas

If you can identify with any of the above, well, then, I’m writing this for you.  Here’s my two cents, while you and I may not be able to get on board with feeling like participating in traditional Christmas activities and all the busyness associated with the season, there is one thing that we can cling to and celebrate for sure!

Christmas isn’t about the carols, although, they are lovely.  Christmas isn’t about the presents, although I enjoy a gift 🙂  Christmas isn’t even about family, although, I love having them close.  Christmas is about Christ!

Love came down from Heaven and made a way for you and me.  The King of Kings made Himself a human and made His arrival on the scene as a vulnerable baby boy.  He did this because He loves us, because He promised He would and because He wanted us to have hope for today and tomorrow.

This is a message I can get on board with!  This is why…In the midst of the pain and the struggle, I am deeply aware of my need for this Christmas gift.  He gave me the most beautiful, priceless gift that I on my best day don’t deserve and He did it because He’s crazy about me!  He feels the same for you!  I can celebrate that this Christmas.  I can give thanks that even in the midst of pain, He is my Hope!  He’s your Hope too!  So let’s grab on to that hope and hold tightly to the truth that He came so that we can have life now and forever!  This is such a marvelous gift, I think I’ll keep celebrating all year-long!

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