No Greater Love

So thankful I serve a God who whispers to me in the midst of difficulty, who brings sweetness even when there’s pain.

When I choose to step outside of MY hurt, MY struggles, MY issues and reach out to bless others despite MY feelings, He is there. It is in these moments, I realize I am closest to Him. It is in the midst of all the messiness of this life that I struggle and wrestle against, the circumstances I don’t want, when I put them aside, I see Him more clearly.

When I make the choice despite MY feelings and MY circumstances to love on someone else, I guess I catch just a small glimpse of Jesus’ heart for me.

Despite HIS pain, Despite HIS struggles, Despite HIS heartache, HE made a choice.

Love is a choice, Love has a cost, Love is sacrificial, Love is selfless, Love is humbling, Love is hard, Love is beautiful. Love is God. There is no greater Love than HIM!!

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