A Small Piece of Yarn


I am thrilled to have a guess blogger on neeserisms, my very own AMAZING niece and her great insights…

I learned to knit when I was living in the orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  It took me about one month to learn.  One teacher taught me the basics and I remember offering my food to friends in exchange for their help teaching me.  I have been knitting now for over 6 years. One thing I have learned through this skill is that one small piece of yarn, when put in the right person’s hands, can be transformed into something useful and beautiful.  This illustrates what it is like if I put my life in God’s hands.  No matter how small I may feel, He can use me to do great things.

Yarn comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors.  Each one can be used for a different purpose.  When you start a knitting project it is important to select the size, shape and color for what you are wanting to create.  There is one type of yarn that is best to use to make a scarf and another type of yarn that would be best to make a bag.  As the artist I get to choose what I think is best.  God as the creator of this world and the controller of everything gets to decide who is best to use for his purpose.  He may use one person to help the poor and another to encourage someone who is going through a difficult time.  He as the artist knows which of us would be best to use for each of His plans.

When you begin knitting you start with one small piece of yarn.  You use your needles to knit it together into rows.  You knit back and forth adding rows until it gets to be the size and shape you want it to be.  A small piece of yarn turns into a scarf or a blanket or socks.  I can relate to that small piece of yarn.  I may be small but if I put myself in the Father’s hands and be patient, He will slowly and carefully knit the details of my life together to create something awesome and beautiful.  I just have to be a willing piece of yarn. 

Once in a while when knitting a scarf I have made a mistake and missed connecting the yarn to the right row.  Sometimes I do not realize my mistake until many rows later.  If you want the scarf to be beautiful, last a long time and serve its purpose you must go back and correct the mistake.  In order to correct this you have to undo all the rows until you get to the point where you missed the connection.  This is true to real life.  When we rush through life and do not connect deeply with God, we make mistakes and our life begins going off course.   Sometimes things start to unravel and we have to allow God to correct and restore us.

When you see a small piece of yarn I hope will remember its importance.  The same when you see people who may seem insignificant.  No matter what our size, shape or color we have great potential if we choose to put our lives in the hands of the Heavenly Father ­ the master artist.  He can take our small pieces, our brokenness, our mistakes and turn them into something beautiful, something big and something amazing. 

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has passed away; behold the new has come.” –  2 Corinthians 5:17


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