The Birthday Lesson That Never Ends

My birthday will soon be here and just happens to coincide with another little holiday called Independence Day.  Most of us more fondly refer to it as the 4th of July.  I can remember as a little person probably around the age of 5, feeling rather impressed with the big deal so many people made about my birthday!  I mean, a lot of people were in on it and not just my family either.  The neighbors, the whole community, people on TV, my birthday was kind of a big deal!   People would celebrate my special day with BBQ’s, picnics, parades and even fireworks.  I didn’t really care for that part so much, so I stayed inside the house with my grandparent’s dog Gizmo, but I thought it was really cool they blew up stuff on my account, cause no one else I knew got that on their birthday. Continue reading “The Birthday Lesson That Never Ends”