Do You Ever Feel Like You’ve Been Forgotten?

About a month ago, I got a copy of my friend Melina’s latest CD release.  I am definitely a music lover and I enjoy a great  melody that makes you wanna sing along or a rhythm you can groove to, but if I had to pick what aspect of a song I love the most, I would have to say, the lyrics.  The ability for someone to put together words that paint a picture, give you a new perspective or help you realize, “hey, someone else gets how I feel” and set it to music is pretty cool.  I was struck as I was listening to each song how absolutely beautiful the lyrics were, however, there was one song in particular that when I listened, I thought she had climbed inside my heart and mind, pulled out my thoughts and feelings and penned a song.  Part of the lyric says, “It’s been ten years now, feels like eighteen, I’ve been waiting for just one thing and I still haven’t found true love.  Now maybe I’m to bold or very stupid for saying that, but do you ever feel like you’ve been forgotten?” Continue reading “Do You Ever Feel Like You’ve Been Forgotten?”