Sometimes I’m A Stinker!

I called my sis-n-love this week to hear about my 3 nephews 1st day of school! (I’ll leave names out to protect the “guilty”) She stated nephew #1 and #2 had a great day and then proceeded to explain to me the long and arduous details that started nephew #3’s 1st day. #3 decided he did not wish to attend school…Van is in the drop off line, slider door is open #1 & #2 jump on out, but #3, he’s not budging. Mom parks the van to assist #3 out of the vehicle which was met by great resistance.  The details are now fuzzy, however, the ordeal involved, running, clinging, screaming, crying, school counselor, teacher and took the majority of the morning. I am told a little before lunch #3 made it to his 1st grade class to stay and had a marvelous remainder of the day. A matter of fact, #3 has told me “school is the awesomest”! Mom might still be recovering but #3 is no worse for the wear.

I will admit as my sis-n-love was relaying this story detail by painful detail, I was thinking to myself, “that little stinker”! But, I got to thinking…I’m a bit of a stinker myself, at times. If I’m being honest (and I’m going to be) I’m in a bit of a “stinker” stage right now. Moving on can be hard, a new challenge can be quite overwhelming, taking that leap into the unknown can be downright frightening even if it’s for our ultimate good and benefit. So many times we (or at least I) dig my heels in, hold on tightly to the security of the familiar or maybe even run as far away in the wrong direction as I can and act like a real “stinker”!

Eventually it’s decision time and we have to make a choice are we going to stay in Kindergarten forever OR are we going to be brave and trust the ONE who knows far more than we do and walk through that door and become a big 1st grader? If we stay in Kindergarten, it will be familiar, but we’ll miss out on all we could be, all were called to be and we’ll never get to say “It’s the awesomest”!

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