Change is Gonna Come

Well, if there’s one thing you can count on…Things are gonna change! Although there may be a few folks in this world that relish the thought of change, from my vantage point, most don’t.

It’s hard enough to change when it’s something we choose, when we’re the ones directing the momentum behind the change, but change when we had no say in the matter, when it’s not the choice we would’ve made and we feel like we’re forced to go along for the ride anyway…Watch Out! That’s when we really get worked up.

I see so many examples of this in my own life…Mark Zuckerberg, has at least half of my facebook friends up in arms at this very moment, because of the changes he’s rolled out in recent days, no one wants that newsfeed messed with!  Oh, and the new Boss at work decided it was time for re-structure and I don’t think we’ve recovered from the last re-structure yet, but here I go, like a good soldier!  A friend’s grandma passed away this morning after battling cancer and those left behind find themselves forced to deal with this loss and life moving forward changes.  Change is Hard!!

This is the thing, I’m beginning to learn, I say “beginning” because I certainly don’t have it down.  Change is hard, mostly because we don’t know what the change will bring, we don’t know what’s on the other side, it can be uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful, and bottom line, the unknown makes us uneasy.  But stay with me for a minute…What if on the other side of that change was something better, something needed, something refreshing, something healing, some unforseen gift?

Ready or not, change is going to come knockin’ at your door many times in this life.  Instead of digging the heels in and sticking our heads in the sand, Can I suggest that we try a new approach?    What if we chose to take a deep breath and jump on in!  To embrace the opportunity, to learn, to grow and see what is possible?  I say we consider it…who know’s, we may find that the water is just fine!

One thought on “Change is Gonna Come

  1. Great insights, my friend! I’ll follow your lead on this; in fact, I’m taking a deep breath now to prepare to “jump” into tomorrow…

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