Stay In Your Own Lane

Stay In Your Own Lane and I’m not talking about driving skills here, although the sentiment obviously applies there as well.  As I was driving today (in my own lane, I’ll have you know :-))  I was reminding myself that I need to do a better job of staying in my own lane in life.

I can have a tendency to drift into another person’s lane and I do it by comparing my life with someone else’s.  What a mistake that is!!  Do you ever fall into this same trap?

It may sound something like this…”I wish I was skinny like her”, “I wish I could sing like that”, “I wish I could afford that”, “I wish my family was like theirs” and on and on we go, I wish, I wish, I wish.

Why do us humans tend to want what we don’t have?  If we have curly hair, we want straight hair, If we have straight hair we want it curly.  If we’re single, we want to be married, If we’re married we want to be single…the grass is always greener or so we think.

Each of us in life are called to travel a different road, paved with a unique set of joys and sorrows and when we swerve into another person’s lane, it’s the road to nowhere, at least no where good.  Focus on what we don’t have, what we wish we had, it’s a confidence killer, it creates an attitude of discontentment and leads to low self-esteem, jealousy and endless other types of ailments.

I need to focus more on the road laid out before me.  Given, where I’m at today, am I making the most of it?  Am I taking steps to change and move in the right direction, Am I giving thanks daily for all the goodness in my life?  This is where my focus should be until I arrive Home one day.

“Comparison is the thief of Joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

3 thoughts on “Stay In Your Own Lane

  1. Isn’t that the truth! So easy to get caught up in the land of comparisons and NOTHING ever good comes from that. Thanks for the reminder Denise!

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