My Christmas Prayer

Several years ago this piano dropout was taking lessons and participation in a Christmas recital was expected. I was less than thrilled at the thought of getting up to play after a 7-year-old who more than likely would make my song sound like chopsticks in comparison. So, my piano teacher made me a deal I couldn’t refuse! If I wrote an original Christmas song and sang it, she would play it and I would be off the hook from tickling the ivories. She had herself a deal!

As I think of you all this year, friends and family near and far and those of you who I have never met, yet you found me in the blogosphere, my Christmas prayer remains the same.  He came so that we might have life, life to the full!  I pray that the hope of Christ would give you courage to dream anew.  I pray that His love would overwhelm you in the simple daily blessings life can unexpectedly bring and that you would know in a richer way the depth of His heart for you.   I pray that the joy of the Lord would be your strength and that you would delight in His goodness, despite an unknown future or present circumstances. This Christmas and coming year, I pray that God’s peace would rule in your heart and your soul would find rest in Him.

I listened to this song anew this year as some friends of mine sang it during a Christmas performance.  Although, originally written under duress, what resulted is a song that truly captures my prayer for you this Christmas.  Merry Christmas to you and yours!

“My Christmas Prayer”

At this Christmas time I sing of God’s great love and all that He means…

I pray this Christmas my life would be a song,

I pray this Christmas you’d right my every wrong.

I pray this Christmas the lost would be found,

I pray this Christmas You’d turn this world around.

If I could give a gift to show my love and all that I wish…

I pray this Christmas that peace would guard your mind,

I pray this Christmas hope for all mankind.

I pray this Christmas love would light your way,

I pray this Christmas joy with each new day.

So, Lord I thank you for Your gift,

Your Son that came so we could all live…

And, I pray this Christmas.

Denise Vaughan – 2006