More Than A Feeling

What is the most lavish thing anyone has ever done for you that made you truly feel loved? Maybe lavish is the wrong word, no flash mob is required and no romantic proposal displayed on a jumbotron is necessary. What about the most thoughtful thing someone has done for you that really let you know you were special to them?

My sister once decorated a mason jar and hand wrote on individual slips of paper, her favorite memories about the two of us throughout the years.  One memory on each little note, a jar full of memories shared between sisters.  That gift made me feel so special and loved, not because it was expensive or especially beautiful to behold, but because she thought about me and took the time to let me know.  By giving me that jar full of goodness, she was telling me that our times together were important and memorable to her.  Important enough that she took the time to think about it and show me how she felt.  Pretty special, if you ask me!

Love is a verb, it requires action.  It’s more than a feeling, it should be on display and I’m not talking about PDA people!  There are a million ways to demonstrate our love for those around us.  How about tell them?  Don’t just think it, say it, “I love you”.  I don’t think anyone at the end of their days says, “man, I wish I hadn’t told people I loved them so much!”  I however, believe, there are many who have a heart full of regret and wish they would’ve done more to love on those around them while they had the chance.  We all have limited time and resources but we are all capable of demonstrating our love for another in tangible ways.  Help out with a project they’ve been wanting to finish, buy that special gift they’ve been eyeing for a while, take a walk and talk and listen, I mean really listen, give them a genuine compliment, tell them why they are a blessing to you OR you can indeed, always choreograph a flash mob, cause nothing says “I love you” like a crowd of strangers shakin’ their groove thing.

I think you all get the point here, but what if my sister had thought about how much she loved me, but never told me?  If she thought about how many good times we shared, but never took the time to express it?  Ya, I could probably still surmise that she digs me, but boy, it feels good when someone shows you!  And, if we truly love our family and our friends, we want to do more than think it, we want to show it!

So, why not take some action right now…what are you going to do today, tomorrow, by the end of this week to demonstrate your love for someone in your life?  I want to be in the habit of finding meaningful ways to express my love for those I hold dear.  As far as it is up to me, I want there to be absolute confidence and clarity for those that I cherish that they are deeply loved.  Who knows, maybe there’s a flash mob in their future?!  Don’t just feel it, show it!   Be encouraged!

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