FeedbackHow are you at handling criticism?  I wish I was great, but I’m not. I tend to take it personal.  Doing things well matters to me so when I get the feeling I’m not meeting expectations, it can be a tough day for this girl.

Recently, at work I decided to ask for some feedback from those that I lead.  The questions centered around my leadership ability, problem solving skills, communication, interpersonal skills, etc…I made sure this survey was set up anonymously so staff would feel free to share honest feedback with me.

As I read over their input, there were some perspectives that I wholeheartedly agreed with, areas I am focusing on to improve both people and process.  Then there was some feedback that kind of surprised me, but I could definitely see their perspective.  Last, there were a couple comments that I felt were just plain not true BUT I attempted to stop myself and sit with it.

How do I make someone feel?  What is the perception even if it’s not reality?  What can I do to address the feeling or the perception? What part is mine to own and what is mine to let go?

Being open to honest feedback is scary, I guess that’s why most people aren’t?!  I’m hoping that I’m growing in this area in all of life not just at work.   How about you?  Are you able to hear someone else’s perspective and soak it in without dismissing it?  To lower your defense, drop your comeback and really listen?

I want to be able to take in the feedback in all areas of life, to grab the wisdom, be willing to listen with an open heart and let what is true change me?  Even when it stings a bit, even when it may feel like I’m the only one in the arena.  It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s how you grow and that’s important to me.

“Feedback is a free education to excellence.  Seek it with sincerity and receive it with grace.” – Ann Marie Houghtailing


4 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how you choose topics that relate to me. Thank you for this Denise. I agree with what you said and I too want to be better and grow. Sometimes the truth hurts but if one can open their minds to consider it, it can be healthy and rewarding. Blessings my friend

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