More Than A Feeling

What is the most lavish thing anyone has ever done for you that made you truly feel loved? Maybe lavish is the wrong word, no flash mob is required and no romantic proposal displayed on a jumbotron is necessary. What about the most thoughtful thing someone has done for you that really let you know you were special to them?

My sister once decorated a mason jar and hand wrote on individual slips of paper, her favorite memories about the two of us throughout the years.  One memory on each little note, a jar full of memories shared between sisters.  That gift made me feel so special and loved, not because it was expensive or especially beautiful to behold, but because she thought about me and took the time to let me know.  By giving me that jar full of goodness, she was telling me that our times together were important and memorable to her.  Important enough that she took the time to think about it and show me how she felt.  Pretty special, if you ask me! Continue reading “More Than A Feeling”