Water Off A Duck’s Back

My sweet mama isn’t one to hand out a lot of advice, however, there was one bit of advice she would share with me frequently while I was growing up.  I can hear her now, “Water off a ducks back, Denise, Water off a ducks back”. This bit of advice was usually handed out when I was worked up about something, someone had done or said something that hurt or upset me and I was wound up about it.  Of course, I don’t remember any of the particulars of those situations as I sit here today, but what I do remember is when she would share this tidbit of wisdom, I would usually become highly annoyed! “Water off a ducks back Denise, Water off a ducks back”. What she was really saying was, “Let it Go”!

As annoying as this advice may have been, she had a point.  That’s right, I said it, mom was right 🙂  It is easy to feel offended when people doubt you, dismiss you or even attack you and it is very easy to hold onto that wrong and try to prove your point, but the freedom I have found when I put mom’s advice into practice comes from simply letting go.

Now, I understand, easy to say and hard to do.  Trust me I struggle with the tendency to hold tightly in my feeble attempts to change someone’s mind or prove them wrong.  This choice usually ends in my frustration, while the other person marches right along, and my mom’s voice comes to me, “Water off a duck’s back, Let it Go”.  I’m not quackin’ yet, but I’m trying to become more duck like.

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