When Mother’s Day is Hard

It definitely makes one feel vulnerable to share what your heart feels so deeply.  To let your heart bleed on “paper” for all to look at and comment on.  Please know as I write this I’m not looking for comments or fixes or platitudes.  I am simply using my voice to tell my heart’s story in the hopes that it will help ease the pain and loneliness that one may feel in their own story.

Moms are deserving of a day where they receive home-made cards, flowers, lunch made by someone else and extra loves as a “thank you” for all they pour out on others day in and day out.  Everyone in my immediate family is a mom, most of my friends are moms and they are some of the most amazing humans I know, who love big, try hard and do so in countless, selfless ways.  Moms Rock!  So, I don’t write this post to detract from all they deserve but to put voice to what I’m fairly certain is not only a heartache known to me. Continue reading “When Mother’s Day is Hard”

Water Off A Duck’s Back

My sweet mama isn’t one to hand out a lot of advice, however, there was one bit of advice she would share with me frequently while I was growing up.  I can hear her now, “Water off a ducks back, Denise, Water off a ducks back”. This bit of advice was usually handed out when I was worked up about something, someone had done or said something that hurt or upset me and I was wound up about it.  Of course, I don’t remember any of the particulars of those situations as I sit here today, but what I do remember is when she would share this tidbit of wisdom, I would usually become highly annoyed! “Water off a ducks back Denise, Water off a ducks back”. What she was really saying was, “Let it Go”! Continue reading “Water Off A Duck’s Back”