Learning to Dream Again

What did you dream about when you were a child?  We all have dreams, something we spend time thinking about, hoping for, praying for, planning for (at least if you’re a planner like me).  I used to dream, hope, pray and plan a lot…but as the years rolled by, I started to dream a little less, felt like my odds were dwindling with each passing day.  Anyone can stay hopeful for a time, but when you feel like others have passed you by and your still sitting there hoping, dreaming, praying and planning, it starts to get a little discouraging.  So you talk to yourself, “hang in there”, “keep believing”, “keep doing what you know to do”…and all you hear are crickets.

This kind of disillusionment in my own life eventually led to a system shutdown.  Now, while I know it may make no sense to some, my theory was, if I stop hoping, praying, dreaming and planning maybe the fact that things aren’t going my way will hurt a little less.  As it turns out, my theory is completely flawed!!  When I made the decision to shut down and shut myself off.  Did I really stop thinking about that which my heart desires?  That would be a “NO”!  But, what it did do, is nearly sever my communications, my contact and my heart from God and those who I love and who love me.  It wasn’t my best moment (technically it was much longer than a moment).

I guess I would say, I’m currently in the re-boot process, it’s not the easiest thing to fire all engines back up with the flip of a switch, but God is showing me that He’s with me, that He loves me and He wants to hear from me.  I am also learning to a greater degree that I need others.  Being strong is great, but everyone needs support and encouragement.  Having tough conversations, feeling pain and loss, as difficult as they may be, they are far better than attempting to feel nothing at all.  So, I’m learning to dream again, learning to believe for greater things, planning goals for my life and hope, I would say, is starting to spark.

How about you?  Have you given up and decided to sit out of the race?  Why don’t you join me and dust off those dreams?  Who knows, maybe there’s a new one inside you just waiting to step out.  It may hurt and most likely it won’t turn out exactly how we plan, but He’s for us, so who can be against us?  Why don’t you consider learning to dream again?

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

3 thoughts on “Learning to Dream Again

  1. Ive been seeing your blogs…but not extensively stopped to go and read. I still can not articulate for my self what I have been “standing in”…..for a long time now. ….but I know im just standing. I watched a program last night….with an inspiring speaker that I have not listened to in a long time…well because apart of this standing has been not hearing or wanting to hear or when “i think” I was wanting to hear…I still could not hear…maybe this has something to do with …”just standing”….anyways…I could come up with a TON of reason and ALL valid why im standing…however the clarity I had last night and thinking about ALL day today was in one word “dreams”. I have been standing because im stuck in despair of my dreams. I have disconnected God and my dreams because dreams seem so ungoldly….stick with me here…ungodly in my own mind…not gods. are you with me? SO….I finally make it to your blog….THIS blog is the first I read…im still standing..however my clarity feels different and my wheels are spinning…your blog has connected me with last nights message and I cannot help but connect them in my thoughts….and my stinken thinking….

    1. I understand “stinkin thinkin” Heidi! If you read some of my other posts, you will see a trend 🙂 I know God’s telling my he doesn’t want me to withhold any part of my heart from Him, including, the dreams I feel I’ve had to say “goodbye” to. I’d love to hear where He takes you on your journey in this area 🙂

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