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Waking Up From A Dream

4 Mar

Dreams can be funny things and by funny, I guess I mean not so funny.  Last night I dreamed about someone, someone I used to know. I wasn’t thinking of this person as I drifted off to la la land and I don’t spend a great deal of time and energy thinking about this individual on a regular basis, but for whatever reason they made what felt like a very real appearance in my dreams last night.

I found myself waking up in the wee small hours of the morning, with tears on my pillow and an ache in my heart that felt almost unbearable.   In the dream, I was saying good-bye again and as I woke my body was physically feeling the heartache.  I got up to use the restroom and hoped as I laid back down that I would dream a new dream.

The dream and the feelings it left me with have lingered with me today.  A bit of a blanket of sadness and reflection and I am reminded that dreams in our awake life can kinda feel like this as well.

When a dream ends, sometimes, you need to feel the pain.  It’s ok to acknowledge the loss.  To learn that the heartache can hit you like a tidal wave but when it washes over you, to discover you are still standing.  That you can feel the heartbreak and keep breathing.  To realize, you can move forward after loss.   To understand you can mourn what was and what may never be but also look forward to the unending potential of new glorious dreams.

Maybe my dream last night was just to help give me permission to mourn that which feels like a loss but also to remember that there are other dreams to know.  To recognize that I can feel the pain that comes with the loss and still have hope for all that is to come.  Maybe you could use that same reminder today?

Be encouraged my friend!

Baby Steps

26 Jan

I am learning, definitely have not mastered, but am learning that to accomplish things in my life, to see change, to be a blessing to others, I must be intentional. Wishing, dreaming, praying about something is one thing and Lord knows, I have spent much time doing those things!  Although, the wishing, dreaming and praying is all good, there comes a time in almost all circumstances where action is required on our end.  That’s where things can get tricky!

I have been on a journey the past several months making many changes in my life and I can tell you it’s hard work!!  You ever have the feeling that what you learn along the way may be more important than the actual destination?  I have an inkling that just may be the case 🙂  There are some days, o.k., most days; where I feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, the miles still to go and I can spend way too much time attempting to figure out how it’s all gonna work out.

For those of you who have areas in your life that you have been wishing, dreaming, praying for change, whether it be physical transformation, a desire to improve the important relationships in your life or how to be a blessing to others, may I say this?  Add one more ingredient to your wishing, dreaming and praying and start DOING.

If you start to immediately feel overwhelmed or at a loss as to where to begin, remember change rarely happens over night.  What is more important is that you choose to start somewhere and be intentional about it.  So, if you want to have a better relationship with a family member, what is one thing you are going to do this week to invest in that relationship?  Make it happen!  If you have a dream that you’ve carried for years and your no closer to it than you were 10 years ago, what can you do over the next month to breathe life into that dream and course correct if needed?  If you know that there is something inside you that needs to change, possibly an attitude that needs some adjusting?  What conscientious efforts can you begin to take now that will ensure this area of your heart and life are cared for?

It reminds me again of one of my all time favorite movies, “What About Bob”.  I’ve learned quite a bit from this deeply philosophical movie, not the least of which is “baby steps”.  It doesn’t have to all be done tomorrow and realistically many changes that need to come in our lives will take consistent time and effort over a period of time.  I can tell you this from experience, the time will pass anyway, so why not be moving in the right direction, even if you haven’t reached the ultimate destination?  Food for thought…

I just want to encourage you to not let fear of failure, fear of the future, fear of rejection or fear of the unknown from fighting for the things that you have spent your time wishing, dreaming and praying for.  Once you make the decision to start doing, make an action plan and begin “baby steppin” you’ve already succeeded.  It’s that first step that’s the most awkward, after that you just keep movin’ for however long it takes and soak in the lessons along the way.  We can all take a baby step 🙂

Baby Steps

Learning to Dream Again

27 Oct

What did you dream about when you were a child?  We all have dreams, something we spend time thinking about, hoping for, praying for, planning for (at least if you’re a planner like me).  I used to dream, hope, pray and plan a lot…but as the years rolled by, I started to dream a little less, felt like my odds were dwindling with each passing day.  Anyone can stay hopeful for a time, but when you feel like others have passed you by and your still sitting there hoping, dreaming, praying and planning, it starts to get a little discouraging.  So you talk to yourself, “hang in there”, “keep believing”, “keep doing what you know to do”…and all you hear are crickets.

This kind of disillusionment in my own life eventually led to a system shutdown.  Now, while I know it may make no sense to some, my theory was, if I stop hoping, praying, dreaming and planning maybe the fact that things aren’t going my way will hurt a little less.  As it turns out, my theory is completely flawed!!  When I made the decision to shut down and shut myself off.  Did I really stop thinking about that which my heart desires?  That would be a “NO”!  But, what it did do, is nearly sever my communications, my contact and my heart from God and those who I love and who love me.  It wasn’t my best moment (technically it was much longer than a moment).

I guess I would say, I’m currently in the re-boot process, it’s not the easiest thing to fire all engines back up with the flip of a switch, but God is showing me that He’s with me, that He loves me and He wants to hear from me.  I am also learning to a greater degree that I need others.  Being strong is great, but everyone needs support and encouragement.  Having tough conversations, feeling pain and loss, as difficult as they may be, they are far better than attempting to feel nothing at all.  So, I’m learning to dream again, learning to believe for greater things, planning goals for my life and hope, I would say, is starting to spark.

How about you?  Have you given up and decided to sit out of the race?  Why don’t you join me and dust off those dreams?  Who knows, maybe there’s a new one inside you just waiting to step out.  It may hurt and most likely it won’t turn out exactly how we plan, but He’s for us, so who can be against us?  Why don’t you consider learning to dream again?

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

Life Is Hard

27 May

I am not sure when or where the false hood started for me? Somewhere along the line, I bought into the idea that life is about being happy. You grow up and achieve, what you want to achieve, whatever that may be for you…Get married, buy a house, have a family, work hard, play hard, love your family, surround yourself with great friends, be good to others and Walaa, happy life! …Then reality hits!

Reality hits when things don’t go according to your plan…it may go something like this…the dreams you had for your life aren’t coming true and hope is dwindling daily…your loved one passes away and your heart will never be the same…Your job is draining the life out of you and you feel stuck…Sickness attacks your loved one and you feel powerless to make it better…Your relationship is on the rocks and you don’t know if you can muster the strength to fight for it…However, it may look or feel for you…the bottom line is reality really can bite!

I’ve been pondering some pretty sobering questions lately that challenge the way I have thought, the way I prioritize my time here on earth.  What if life isn’t about being happy?  What if the tough times, the hurt and the pain exist on purpose?  What if life is just plain hard and I need to find a way to enjoy the journey anyway?

I feel like the older I get the less I know…things are grayer for me than they once were.  However, this I do know…Life is indeed hard but God is Soooo Good!  I’m clinging to this truth tighter than I ever have before…holding to this truth when my feelings may be screaming something entirely the opposite!  To find peace, contentment and joy in the midst of all the storms of this life is the goal…How do I get there?  Well, I’m still figuring that out, but I take comfort in the fact that, this life is not the end for me, I am just passing through…that I can enjoy the sweet times of life and cherish them and I can also stand through the storms, for however long they may rage because I serve a God who has overcome the world.

God has created my life and your life for a purpose and it involves much more than our own personal happiness in the here and now.  His purposes are eternal and this girl can suffer from short sightedness.  I have a feeling the quicker I can embrace this concept, the “happier” I will be.  Wishing you joy on your journey!

“I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world.” – John 16:33 The Message