Happy Merry Messy Christmas

I always have this image of the perfect Christmas in my mind.  A beautifully decorated tree, a wonderfully hosted party, homemade Christmas goodies, thoughtful gifts for all, family gathered round, carols by candlelight and lots of Christmas cozy.  I am sure my visions of the “perfect” Christmas come from too many Hallmark movies and too much Pinterest surfing because the “perfect” Christmas has proven to be completely elusive.

Christmas in reality is, I run out of time and energy to get it all done and I focus full-time on trying to keep my Christmas peace in the midst of the busyness and chaos and I have an ache in my heart that always tends to grow a little stronger this time of year. Perfect is hard to accomplish but messy seems quite achievable!

I don’t know what your Christmas looks like but chances are you wish something was different. You wish you had more money to spend on gifts for your family, you wish family relationships weren’t strained, you wish your loved one was still here and it all feels messy.

That’s exactly why you & I need Christmas, why we need a Savior, cause we make messes and deal with others messes and let’s be honest sometimes we’re a mess! Our own valiant efforts can’t get us out of some situations and so He came.

He came to be God With Us, right in the middle of our mess. He came for you just the way you are. He can handle the dirty dishes and the bills and the tears and the pain. He gets it and He’s got you.

It may not look how we wished but even in the middle of the mess you are never alone. You are loved by someone who gave up Heaven to be with you and that truth my friends is worthy of some serious celebrating even in the middle of a mess! I pray you have a Very Merry Messy Christmas!

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