Bring It To The Light

When I was a little girl, I hated the dark.  Going to bed at night needed to involve a night light and if for some reason I woke up and needed my mom or dad, my heart would palpitate at the thought of having to get through the dark house to get to safety.   I would close my eyes and run the length of the house and as quickly as my feet would carry me, scoot into my parents room where I didn’t have to be alone in the dark.

It’s strange as I think back to this because somewhere throughout life, I have grown comfortable with the dark.  Now for sleeping purposes this is just fine, but what is concerning is how comfortable I’ve grown with the darkness in everyday life.

Anyone else out there prone to darkness?  For me, darkness is easy.  I can sit in the darkness and no one knows.  No one can clearly see me.  The monkey on my back is invisible.  Few people tread into the dark so I can be left alone and I like that as well.  You see, I’ve found that the darkness can be quite comfortable.  How about you?

  • Have you found that it is easy to keep your worries and frustrations in your own mind instead of bringing them to the light?
  • Have you considered telling the truth but decided to stick with the lie because you are afraid of the cost of bringing it to the light?
  • Maybe, you have chosen the heaviness of shame instead of the fear of dragging that beast into the light?

Does that kind of darkness sound familiar?

I am learning that…

  • While the darkness may be comfortable, there is no growth until I bring it to the light.
  • While the darkness may be what I know, I am limited by my current confines, until I bring it to the light.
  • While the darkness may cloak me, I am unable to be truly seen until I bring it to the light.

I want to be brave and bring it to the light.  Whatever “it” is.  I want to help others step out of the darkness and bring their “it” to the light as well.

I want to live in the light, imperfect but seen and known and loved by other imperfect people who are willing to drag their stuff out of the dark and bring it to the light.

I want to live in the light even when it’s hard and even if it hurts.  The light…where the heaviness of shame is gone, where the guilt of my past is washed away and where love triumphs over all my fears.

How about you?  Wanna bring it to the light with me?


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. – John 1:5





3 thoughts on “Bring It To The Light

  1. Thanks Denise. Great read with a lot of hard truth. So glad you wrote it. I will have to give some thought about what I may be keeping in the dark.



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