I Wanna Be a Cheerleader!

Stop your laughing people!  I’m not speaking literally here.  You won’t see me at the next Sea Gals try out 🙂

I’ve heard football season has officially kicked off.  I say “heard” because I certainly wouldn’t know from my following of the sport, but it does seem to bring a lot of “enthusiastic” behavior to many folks I know!  There are a lot of things one may think of when they think football…Now Again, I am most definitely not the girl to call upon if you have the need to know anything related to football or want to discuss the latest game, but when I think about football, I think of course of the players, screaming fans, intense coaches, hours spent watching the game, re-examining the plays, maybe a tailgate party or two and of course, the Cheerleaders! Continue reading “I Wanna Be a Cheerleader!”