Lessons from the Pain

How do you respond when you feel unsafe?  When you have exposed your weakness in an effort to be authentic, only to get a swift kick in the gut as a “thank you”.

I can tell you what my immediate reflex is.  Shut down mode.  Walls up.  Armor on.

How do you remain open and real in the midst of betrayal?  How do you continue to fully show up and engage when you have been hurt and disappointed?  How do you find a path forward with someone who may never own up to the harm they’ve caused? Continue reading “Lessons from the Pain”

I Wanna Be a Cheerleader!

Stop your laughing people!  I’m not speaking literally here.  You won’t see me at the next Sea Gals try out 🙂

I’ve heard football season has officially kicked off.  I say “heard” because I certainly wouldn’t know from my following of the sport, but it does seem to bring a lot of “enthusiastic” behavior to many folks I know!  There are a lot of things one may think of when they think football…Now Again, I am most definitely not the girl to call upon if you have the need to know anything related to football or want to discuss the latest game, but when I think about football, I think of course of the players, screaming fans, intense coaches, hours spent watching the game, re-examining the plays, maybe a tailgate party or two and of course, the Cheerleaders! Continue reading “I Wanna Be a Cheerleader!”