The Power of Confession

ConfessionSo I have something to confess and that’s this……umm…I don’t like to confess.  It’s true.  I find it tough to tell the truth sometimes.

I think of all the reasons why I shouldn’t.  I run all possible scenarios of how my truth-telling could go wrong.  I imagine what awful things others may think of me and then I stay quiet.

I don’t just save this struggle with confession to those around me, I also struggle with telling the truth in my relationship with God.  He knows you and I completely and loves us still and yet I struggle with confessing the truth of where I’m at, of how I’m feeling.  Anyone else? Continue reading “The Power of Confession”

Do You REALLY Want To Be Well?

True Story – Sick for 38 years, laying by a pool every single day, waiting for healing and he is asked the question, “Do you want to be well?” (see John 5:1-9)  Duh!  The answer seems obvious to me and the question slightly insulting.  Of course, the poor man wants to be well!  He’s laying by the pool again, waiting to be well.

Next, Jesus says to this man, get up, take up your mat and start walking.  What?!  If he could’ve done that, why would he have spent the last 38 years laying by the pool?  Cause, it wasn’t to get a sun tan!  However, as I ponder this story, I am struck, like right upside the head struck, with how much I have in common with this man and with the fact that I feel God Himself has asked me this same question. Continue reading “Do You REALLY Want To Be Well?”

Facing the Fear Factor

So, if you’re not to afraid to admit it (pun intended).  Have you ever been scared?  I mean really scared.  The kind of fear that prohibits you from moving?  Maybe, so freaked out that you caused an all out scene?  A few weeks ago now, I was thinking about the subject of fear and the role it’s played in my life.  I then began to stroll down memory lane remembering times when I was nearly scared out of my mind!

Let me see…there was the time I was over at a friend’s house and the group left to run to the store but I stayed behind.  Next thing I know, all the lights in the house go off, and I hear a door open. I am sitting in a chair in the living room, remaining as still and quiet as possible in hopes that I will not be detected by whatever intruder has just entered the house; while praying that the pounding of my heart is not actually audible as it’s just about to beat out of my chest! Turns out my friends really hadn’t gone to far and had returned unbeknownst to me, to flip off the circuit breaker and have a laugh on me! Hilarious guys!! Continue reading “Facing the Fear Factor”