Tender and Grateful

As I begin to write this, I’m not sure you will ever see it.  Honestly, sometimes I refrain from writing because what I think is likely to come pouring out of me is so raw and real that I’m not sure if I’m ready to look at it let alone willing to fling it into the “universe”.

I’ve had a rough week.  Sometimes I am at a loss to express what I’m going through, maybe because I’m not quite sure myself and I feel that if I do share, no one is going to understand the battle I’m facing, so why waste my breath trying to explain when I’m already exhausted to begin with?  So, I sigh and say it’s fine and keep it moving; which leads me to my next train of thought that may be responsible for derailing me.  No matter how trying it is, I’ll just try more, try harder, longer, faster, smarter and guess what?  It’s never enough and well, that’s a real bummer. Continue reading “Tender and Grateful”

Facing the Fear Factor

So, if you’re not to afraid to admit it (pun intended).  Have you ever been scared?  I mean really scared.  The kind of fear that prohibits you from moving?  Maybe, so freaked out that you caused an all out scene?  A few weeks ago now, I was thinking about the subject of fear and the role it’s played in my life.  I then began to stroll down memory lane remembering times when I was nearly scared out of my mind!

Let me see…there was the time I was over at a friend’s house and the group left to run to the store but I stayed behind.  Next thing I know, all the lights in the house go off, and I hear a door open. I am sitting in a chair in the living room, remaining as still and quiet as possible in hopes that I will not be detected by whatever intruder has just entered the house; while praying that the pounding of my heart is not actually audible as it’s just about to beat out of my chest! Turns out my friends really hadn’t gone to far and had returned unbeknownst to me, to flip off the circuit breaker and have a laugh on me! Hilarious guys!! Continue reading “Facing the Fear Factor”