Life Is Hard

I am not sure when or where the false hood started for me? Somewhere along the line, I bought into the idea that life is about being happy. You grow up and achieve, what you want to achieve, whatever that may be for you…Get married, buy a house, have a family, work hard, play hard, love your family, surround yourself with great friends, be good to others and Walaa, happy life! …Then reality hits! Continue reading “Life Is Hard”

I’m Rich!!

I guess you would have to buy a lotto ticket to win millions. I’ve never bought one, but I’ve had some fun thinking about what I would do with my winnings! It’s amazing how we can always come up with something that we “need” 🙂

Truth be told as a middle class American I am richer than 99% of the planet’s population and yet at times, I am not content with what I have, I am thinking of the new furniture I’d like to have or that handbag that is calling my name.  It is so easy for me to get consumed with “stuff” and it’s so stupid, cause you and I both know, “stuff” doesn’t matter, it doesn’t last, it doesn’t even bring true happiness, in most cases “stuff” just leaves you wanting some more “stuff”! Continue reading “I’m Rich!!”

“Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy”

Well, if John Denver was still with us, he’d be able to identify with how I am feeling right now. First of all, I was still ready for summer when it was summer! Did we even have a summer last year? It seems so long ago, I can’t remember. This I do know, I spend way too much time talking and thinking about this rainy Washington weather. I hate to admit it, but the “older” I get the more it seems to get under my skin. I love sunshine, it makes me happy…it’s the simple things in life, I have a pretty short list…I’m not talking about the capital “I” important stuff (i.e. God, family, friends etc…). I’m talkin’ about those simple little pleasures in life you can almost let slip by you but when you don’t have them, ohhh, what you would give for them…a good cup of coffee, hmmm…, a new handbag…, a whole day with nothing on the agenda….and top of the list for me the feeling of sunshine on my face, what a great feeling…How I long to know it again! But until that day…I dream (and complain) and recite John Denver lyrics over and over in my mind…”Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy”!!