What Does Love Look Like?

This question popped into my mind today…what does love look like?  It’s easy to quickly think of a Hallmark movie, where two people overcome the odds, kiss in the last scene of the movie and end up living happily ever after.  Now don’t get me wrong, this girl LOVES a Hallmark movie, however, I think we cheat ourselves and others when we limit love to a romantic tale that can begin and end in a 2-hour story line.  Love is so much more than a nanny who has a plot twist and becomes a princess.

I think love takes time.  It is faithful and growing.  It keeps showing up day after day, week after week, year after year, in the good, the bad and the in between.

I think love is sacrifice.  It’s more than chocolates and roses, it’s giving time and attention to someone else, its choosing what makes them feel loved because their happiness is also yours.

I think love is action.  Words are nice but they alone won’t do when it comes to love.  Love responds.  Love gets up and shows up, love fights for what’s right and lends a hand in times of need.  Love is a verb.

I think love is unconditional.  It is not given because of someones adherence to your expectations, it is not measured out based on performance, but it is given because you see another person’s worthiness, their goodness, their flaws and love them as they are in the process of becoming.

  • Love looks like holding your loved ones hand as they lay in their hospital bed.
  • Love looks like laughing with the littles as you play with them and have fun.
  • Love looks like listening with your whole heart.
  • Love looks like speaking encouragement to a friend letting them know the gift that they are.
  • Love looks like a hug after a long day.
  • Love looks like taking care of your loved ones daily needs when they are no longer able to.
  • Love looks like showing up and sitting with your friend in silence while they grieve.
  • Love looks like providing for your family.
  • Love looks like quality time spent together.
  • Love looks like defending those that are vulnerable.
  • Love looks like a humble and sincere apology when you messed up.
  • Love looks like a father dancing with his daughter.
  • Love looks like a mama when she first gazes in her new born baby’s eyes.
  • Love looks like letting go because their best matters more than your own desires.
  • Love looks like an elderly couple strolling hand in hand.
  • Love looks like forgiving someone who has treated you unjustly.
  • Love looks like dreaming a new dream together when the old one has died.
  • Love looks like a note sent at just the right time to remind someone they matter.
  • Love looks like a fervent prayer to Heaven on behalf of those that are lost.
  • Love looks like my Savior on a cross.

LOVE it doesn’t give up and it never fails.  Love is costly and in the end it is all that matters.  So, what does love look like to you?


2 thoughts on “What Does Love Look Like?

  1. This might sound silly, but your words reminded me of a song I used to listen to as a girl. Lyrics: Love never gives up. Love never lets down. Love keeps on trying through smiles and frowns. Love never says die even when it gets rough. True love just never gives up. By Bill Gaither I believe. I have sung this little chorus many times through out my life. Its a comfort when down, it reminds me of the importance of love. Hadn’t thought about it in awhile. We get so busy in our everyday life and circumstances that we forget. This was a beautiful reminder and memory to reach out to others to not forget to pour out our love on those near to us, both physically and emotior. Thank you Denise and know that you are loved. I think of you often my sweet friend.

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