What is Your Pain Telling You?

Pain is always telling us something if we’re listening.  Lately, the blister I developed on my left pinky toe was telling me I needed to invest in a new pair of shoes.

The problem with pain is you have to feel it in order to hear what it’s telling you.  Ignoring it won’t work, numbing it only lasts momentarily and running from it is awfully tiring.

At first pain may just whisper but the longer you ignore it the bigger it grows until it demands your attention.  Pain is not something we ask for but it is a gift.

A gift that must be felt.  For a moment to not be okay, to feel the unwanted feelings and to listen to what it’s telling you.

Maybe your pain is telling you to let go, maybe it’s telling you it’s time for change, maybe its telling you, you deserve better, maybe it’s encouraging you to ask for some help or maybe, it’s reminding you, you’re not in control.

Although, I don’t know what pain you may be facing and what it may be telling you.  I do know that pain is a teacher if we are willing to feel it and listen.  What is your pain telling you?  Are you strong enough to be soft and simply listen?



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