It Is What It Is

Probably one of my least favorite phrases in life has been, “It is what it is”.  I think because I’ve seen it used as response to settling for less or a hall pass for not showing up for excellence.  When details are left unattended, things are seemingly falling apart and that one person just chimes in with, “it is what it is”.  That comment in the thick of things sends me to another stratosphere.  What I feel like I’m hearing is, “deal with it”, “it’s fine, get over it”, “it’s not a big deal, move on” and these notions irritate the life out of me!

Anyone else?  Please say yes!  Continue reading “It Is What It Is”

I Admit It…I’m a Control Freak!

O.K., I admit it I’m a control freak!! There I said it…and for those of you who are close friends or family…I know what you are thinking, “she’s not saying anything I didn’t already know”!

You know one good way to really mess with a control freak is to put something in their path that they didn’t anticipate and don’t have the answers for…an unsolvable puzzle! It only takes one or two of these types of circumstances (i.e. health crisis, too many bills v. too little $, a broken relationship, a dying dream, etc…) for even a control freak like me to discover I have no control. Cue the music and the panic sets in! Continue reading “I Admit It…I’m a Control Freak!”