I Just Called To Say I Love You

Ok, how many of you are singing in your head now?  Love me some Stevie Wonder!  Somewhere in my childhood memories, I remember my dad calling in to the local radio station, MIXX 96.1, where in response to his melodious on air delivery of the lyrics, “I just called to say, I love you, I just called to say how much I care, I just called to say, I love you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”.  Well, in response to that he won a fairly large supply of Diet Coke! It was a day of celebration in our household!!

Now, I can’t promise that your proclamation of love for someone will win you Diet Coke, but I do believe it will spread lot’s of goodness around.  It is so easy in life to know inside that we love others, but how often do we on purpose, tell them?  When was the last time, you called them just to say “I love you”?

Days, weeks, months and years can pass by, and while we think of another with fondness in our hearts do we make the decision to express it and let them know?  I’m not just talking here about a romantic love interest, although, go for it!  I’m talking about those you hold dear, who make life sweeter, who bless you with their friendship, who show up for you when it would be tempting to run out, who have invested in you in a way that you can never repay, have you let them know?!

I’ve heard lots of stories filled with regret about love unexpressed, wishing they had given more hugs, said I love you more, spent more time but I’ve never heard a story of someone on their death-bed regretting loving too much.  You can’t give away too much and the more you give, the more you get!  It’s crazy this little thing called love?!

Expressing our love can certainly cause us to be vulnerable.  Loving anyone well is a courageous thing, but you’ve got what it takes! So pick up the phone, or text, or message, or write a letter, or shout it from the mountain tops, or choreograph a surprise dance mob, however, you want to communicate it, but make sure those you love know it!

Let them know why your are thankful for them, let them know the greatness you see in them, let them know what they’ve taught you, let them know what they mean to you and my best advice to you would be, don’t put it off, do it today, don’t wait to say “I love you” in whatever ways you can.  My guess is everyone will feel even better than winning a month supply of Diet Coke!


2 thoughts on “I Just Called To Say I Love You

  1. I love this!!! AND I called your Uncle Bob and sang it to him on phone and he got all flustered and covered up without a direct ansepwer because a gal had come into his work room.  “Uh, yes, that sounds nice.  Yo just came in bringing ……”!!!!  LOL!!!

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