It’s Not Only What You Say That Matters

A few years ago now, there was a certain politician (who shall remain nameless) running for office, I agreed with this politician on almost all issues, however, I could hardly hear what he was saying because of the attitude that was shouting at me! The arrogance in which he delivered his message was so overwhelming that I couldn’t hear the message he was delivering.

My job affords me the “opportunity” to have difficult conversations with people on an almost daily basis, so I am always looking to grow in my ability to have those conversations in a way that people can hear me and ultimately move towards the desired goal.  It is a challenging task! Continue reading “It’s Not Only What You Say That Matters”

I’m Not Good Enough

I’m not good enough, probably not a popular statement, in a day and age, where it is widely touted that “the power is within you”, “all you have to do is believe”.  It’s also probably not how I would recommend starting off a self-esteem conversation with a friend that needs an encouraging word.  But, what I’m talking about isn’t a put down or a berating of yourself, it’s a reality check.

Confession time again…I have spent much of my life attempting to be good enough.  I have worked long and hard and given it my best.  I have attempted to prove my worthiness to those that love me and sometimes even to those that don’t appear to care for me all too much.  Oh, the energy I have expended trying to create an impressive record for myself. Continue reading “I’m Not Good Enough”

Learning To Count

I remember my dad saying to me multiple times growing up, “no child of mine is going to be an ingrate”! Is that even a word? Either way, I knew exactly what he meant and I knew that he also meant my attitude needed some adjusting and a little thanks and gratitude were in order. I would love to say that I now have this lesson down pat, but I regret to say, I still suffer from a less than pleasing attitude from time to time. Continue reading “Learning To Count”

It’s Not About Me

Well, it may sound highly self absorbed of me and it probably is, but one of my life long lessons has been learning that this life is “not about me”.  Boy, I’d like to say it’s been an easy lesson to learn, but I’d be lying, it’s tough and still can be on a frequent basis (confessions good for the soul, right?).

I can remember as a child when this painful truth just started to become apparent to me.  My birthday is on the 4th of July and every year for MY birthday a big multi-million dollar production of fireworks was set off for my special day, I even saw fireworks on the television, everyone was into celebrating MY special day…imagine my 5 year old horror when I realized the fireworks weren’t necessarily for ME, they had something to do with Independence day and freedom or something like that?!  Or imagine my shock, when I stay home from school because I’m sick and the school actually still opened without MY attendance!  The painful lesson began… Continue reading “It’s Not About Me”

Sometimes I’m A Stinker!

I called my sis-n-love this week to hear about my 3 nephews 1st day of school! (I’ll leave names out to protect the “guilty”) She stated nephew #1 and #2 had a great day and then proceeded to explain to me the long and arduous details that started nephew #3’s 1st day. #3 decided he did not wish to attend school…Van is in the drop off line, slider door is open #1 & #2 jump on out, but #3, he’s not budging. Mom parks the van to assist #3 out of the vehicle which was met by great resistance.  The details are now fuzzy, however, the ordeal involved, running, clinging, screaming, crying, school counselor, teacher and took the majority of the morning. I am told a little before lunch #3 made it to his 1st grade class to stay and had a marvelous remainder of the day. A matter of fact, #3 has told me “school is the awesomest”! Mom might still be recovering but #3 is no worse for the wear. Continue reading “Sometimes I’m A Stinker!”

I Admit It…I’m a Control Freak!

O.K., I admit it I’m a control freak!! There I said it…and for those of you who are close friends or family…I know what you are thinking, “she’s not saying anything I didn’t already know”!

You know one good way to really mess with a control freak is to put something in their path that they didn’t anticipate and don’t have the answers for…an unsolvable puzzle! It only takes one or two of these types of circumstances (i.e. health crisis, too many bills v. too little $, a broken relationship, a dying dream, etc…) for even a control freak like me to discover I have no control. Cue the music and the panic sets in! Continue reading “I Admit It…I’m a Control Freak!”